Climbing Stands- Special Ops of Suburban Deer Hunting


climbing stands

Why are climbing stands an advantage in suburban deer hunting?

Tree stands are serious business for all of us in the deer woods, whether in rural or urban settings. They come at a cost though, in more ways than one. Like in most things only exaggerated in urban hunting situations. That is where climbing stands out perform fixed tree stands.

Discreet is a good thing as an Urban Deer Hunter

Fixed stands are great, but do to high human density they can offer more problems than they are worth as an urban deer hunter. They give away our location to other hunters (seeing as public land is about all we know) and in the hardest of cases, it makes us a target to non-hunters. Sure we all want that super silent entry to our favorite fixed stand but not at the cost of corrupting a personal mecca of an urban hunting spot. Not to mention how many of us that have been plagued by stolen equipment over the years.

Still Pick a Tree

Even though we have forsaken fixed tree stands from our inventory, it does not mean we should skip picking a good tree. The last thing we want to be doing in low light or with limited time is finding the right tree in an area we have already scouted for climbing stands. We should still aspire to be in tree clusters or other set ups that allow for natural cover.

Let Our Weapon Rope Govern our height

By default, we should make all of the ropes to pull up our weapons a standard length. This allows us to know how high we are in the tree. For myself I make them 20 feet long and as soon as I run out of rope I know I am at the right height with my climbing stands. This is something we do not normally have to worry about with a fixed stand but should consider as a tool in getting the right set up.

Mobility may be that last thing we need for Success.

Fixed stands have one major disadvantage- mobility. Making that last tree stand adjustment for 50 to 100 yards to connect on our dream buck that keeps taunting us is risk if you have to pull a fixed set up or place in a new one. They tend to be far more invasive than a climbing stand.

They also set a tone to allow us to be adventurous as urban deer hunters in new areas. Maybe we do just want to go blind into a new area and the first set up that jumps out at us is where we hang up that evening. It allows for those bolder moves as the season progresses.

Treat it like a Fixed Stand when it Helps

More than once we have all found ourselves leaving that climbing stands at the base of a tree for a more silent entry the next day. This comes in particularly handy when we hunt mornings that make even some veteran urban deer hunters sound clumsy in the woods attaching a climbing stands to a tree in the dark. If we intend to spend a few days in a row in an area and feel confident that our gear will not be disturbed it can save some extra noise and effort.

A Money Saver

Although climbing stands do tend to be a bit more expensive than fixed stands they eliminate the need for multiple stands. Chain it into the bed of our truck or leave it in our trunk and we always have a tree stand no matter where we go as urban deer hunters.

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Last modified: September 12, 2016

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