The One Thing We Must All Do After A Big Buck Harvest


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“History repeats itself.” We have all heard the saying. So what does that have to do with hunting big bucks, particularly after we have already got ours in the bag? This basic commitment might not only harvest us another big buck in the same area in the future; it may change our outlook on hunting forever.

Once we have our new trophy in order and packed in the freezer, we should revisit where it all began. We need to scout the location of our mature buck paradise and understand two major facts from this priceless lesson.

In suburban America we can debate a lot of factors at what makes a big buck. We can debate whether it was the personality, the location, or the generally biological availability (genetics and food sources). As suburban deer hunters location is one of the most important things we need to understand. I have often found that the perfect layout of land can often breed a big buck more consistently rather than any other big buck making theories.

If we have harvested a big buck, we now find ourselves in a very unique situation. Out there in the very woods it went down is still fresh sign of everything that buck did while we theorized countless hours of guess work on what was actually going on.

With this opportunity present we can walk in and find a mature bucks bedding area. Free from any fear of ruining a chance at the buck we already have going on the wall. How many times have we found ourselves hunting a mature whitetail saying, “If I could only just walk in there and see what he is doing.”

It is amazing the revelations we have when seeing firsthand what a buck was doing. Often we found ourselves saying, “wow that makes so much sense now,” or “I had it all wrong.” As successful big buck hunters we need to take this important moment to its full advantage.

We can gather two crucial pieces of intelligence. One we will learn for future reference what a mature buck will more likely than not behave like, if they take residency up in our hunting piece. To put it bluntly, history kills deer, and we shouldn’t let this opportunity fade away.

The second important lesson to be learned here is a more general suburban deer education. We can see firsthand what made this property a suburban buck haven. Now we can apply these concepts to different areas we hunt. Hopefully giving us some critical insight into a future scenario of big buck hunting in a different area.

So now that we have the big buck on the wall, it’s time we turn it up a notch and learn the lessons that this mature buck has taught us to make us better big buck hunters in the future.

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Last modified: September 10, 2016

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