Deer Hunting Pennsylvania is deep in their culture.

When it comes to Northeast hunting, you’ll never find a state with as much rich hunting tradition, along with modern day popularity as Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania has over 950,000 licensed hunters, many of which treat the opening day of deer hunting Pennsylvania as a holiday.  Schools still close for the entire “buck week” and non-residents still flock to many of their traditional deer camps to embrace in laughter, good food, and of course deer hunting Pennsylvania.

With over 4.5 million acres of public land, deer hunting Pennsylvania can offer great opportunities in many different settings.  From the big woods settings of the Allegheny National Forest in the Northwestern end of the state, to the suburban settings on the outskirts of Philadelphia and all the farmlands in-between, you have plenty of options for deer hunting Pennsylvania.

The highest deer population, and longest seasons are in the suburban hunting areas of the state just outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburg, and of course throughout the farmlands as well.  There are some state game lands open to public hunting in these areas but the majority of opportunities come from obtaining permission to hunt private land pieces.  This means the toughest part is just finding somewhere to hunt.  After that the opportunities are endless for suburban deer hunting Pennsylvania.  This year they even expanded the doe harvest for these deer management zones.

Several years ago Pennsylvania began to implement antler point restrictions throughout the state.  They vary between 3 and 4-point minimum point restrictions on bucks, but these restrictions have begun to increase the age of bucks harvested while deer hunting Pennsylvania.  In turn Pennsylvania is slowly increasing its trophy buck harvest and really coming on strong as a great deer hunting state.  The only downside to deer hunting Pennsylvania is the amount of pressure it gets.  There are over 750,000 licensed deer hunters in the state each year and if you’ve ever hunted the opening day of rifle season you’d swear every single one of them- and their grandmothers- were out shooting at deer.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have some success, though.

Licenses and regulations are simple for deer hunting Pennsylvania.  Resident or non- resident you can buy a general hunting license (resident $20.90/ nonresident $101.90)  that allows you to hunt the regular gun season. Then you can purchase an archery license (resident $16.50/nonresident $26.50) to hunt the archery season, and a muzzleloader license (resident $11.90/ nonresident $21.90).  Most antlerless permits permits are mail in applications that need to be in by the beginning of July although some units are over the counter sales.

Seasons for deer hunting Pennsylvania are simple as well.  Some units have an early archery season that opens around the middle of September.  The rest of the state opens October 1st.  From there they end right about the 2nd or 3rd week of November and then start up again right after Christmas.  The regular deer season opens up every year the Monday after Thanksgiving and goes for about 2 weeks.  There is also a late flintlock season, as well an antlerless muzzleloader season in October, and a few other antlerless season depending on where you’re hunting.

Deer hunting Pennsylvania is deep rooted in American culture.  Deer camps still litter the woods and every bar around is full of people swapping deer stories.  Opportunities for youth hunters are plentiful and big buck potential keeps growing more and more each year.  If you do get a chance to go deer hunting Pennsylvania you’ll see how strong of a hunting culture Pennsylvania has, even though license numbers are in decline.

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