Jesse St Andre Author

Jesse St. Andre is a New England native. Raised in central Maine, Jesse now lives in eastern Connecticut with his wife and two kids and can be found hunting or trapping the small woodlots of southern New England.

Vegetarians and Hunting: a Surprising Match


What would we think if we were told that vegetarians are some of the most likely candidates to become hunters? The foremost thought in our minds would probably be the historic...

Three Reasons Why My Family Eats Venison Over Beef


It might be the nutritional profile or the desire to curb environmental degradation from commercialized farming. Whatever the case may be, venison is becoming a top choice for...

Does Scent Control Matter?


To argue for scent control is to defend a science that is for the most part, rather loose. In my opinion, there is no substitute for good woodsmanship skills. But when it comes to...

The Science of Fear: Flight Distances


Understanding flight distances can be a tough. “For several years after moving to Southern New England I can remember calling my father up in Maine and laughing on the phone...

Rural Whitetails with Suburban Deer Behavior


Conditioning Rural Whitetails At the very core of the theories laid out in Urban Deer Complex 2.0 is the science behind conditioned animal behavior. Not just urban deer behavior,...