Christopher Kyer Author

Christopher Kyer (The Honest Omnivore) is a modern day renaissance man -- hunter, fisherman, writer, maker, philosopher, and foodie! Born in West Virginia and educated in New Jersey and Michigan, Chris has spent his adult life split between the Pacific NW and the Chicago suburbs. He started cooking with his grandmothers and hunting with his PawPaw before he was 10 years old, and the woods and a kitchen are still where he feels most at ease.

Field to Table: When to Trust a Butcher


Why using a deer processor may be your best option The prospect of converting a 150-pound whole deer into cuts for dinner can be intimidating, this isn’t just an upland game...

The Thermodynamics of Deer – 2.0


Cooling a deer in difficult conditions takes work. And ice. When it comes to the thermodynamics of deer I think back to when an HVAC contractor once explained to me that air...

Thermodynamics of Deer – 1.0


Proper cooling may be the most important step in harvesting premium venison. Don’t let the mention of thermodynamics scare you. There won’t be a quiz and you don’t need a...

Field to Table: Why We Hunt


There are as many motivations for why we hunt as there are faces of hunters. For some, the camaraderie of deer camp and the solitude of the tree stand are important motivations...

Field to Table: Field Dressing 1-0-No!


Field dressing a deer when things go sideways. The first deer I ever saw field dressed was a young blacktail doe in Washington. My friend Harry had made a shot that many would...

Field to Table: Field Dressing 101


It all starts with good field dressing. You did it! You kept your nerves steady and made a great shot that killed the deer so quickly, you watched her pile up seconds after the...